Escaping lockdown with #VirtualAngus

Just like the rest of Auckland, Angus is stuck in lockdown and missing his biking holiday in the South Island. But never one to be put off, he sent #VirtualAngus instead to enjoy the trip in his place.

#VirtualAngus is joining his real mates for a biking adventure on some of NZ’s best trails, from the mountains of Queenstown, through the farms of Northern Southland on the Around the Mountains Trail, to the lakes of Fiordland on the Lake2Lake Trail.

If that’s not enough, he’ll be hopping over the mountains to ride the brand new Lake Dunstan Trail, the historic Roxburgh Gorge Trail and the mighty Clutha Gold Trail.

Lucky #VirtualAngus! 

Some of the places he'll be enjoying along the way

I think Around the Mountains Trail really means about people living, it's about the adventure of living. It's not just cycling, it's eating in the towns and on the way through, it's really about people enjoying life.

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