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Southland District Council

Around the Mountains Cycling

Southland District Council

The Around the Mountains Cycle Trail is owned and will be maintained by the Southland District Council. Council looks after all of the Southland province, excluding the Invercargill and Gore areas.

The Council is responsible for managing 11% of the land area of New Zealand, which includes more than 29 small communities, all with different areas of interest. To that Council has established community boards and community development area subcommittees so each area can have a voice and can make decisions on what happens in their own locality.

Venture Southland, a joint initiative of the Invercargill City, Southland District and Gore District Councils, was set up to manage the region’s economic and community development initiatives and so also plays an important also in Southland’s various communities. Established in July 2001, Venture’s unique model is known throughout New Zealand as a positive example of regional co-ordination and co-operation.

Venture’s community development planners work with people and organisations throughout Southland to improve their communities and overall quality of life.

Together Southland District Council and Venture Southland are working on the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail, firstly to get it built and also to help businesses and communities get the most out of the trail. For more details please go to either Council’s website at or Venture’s

The Southland District Council will be responsible for maintaining the trail and will need your help to do so.

By booking services through you will be helping to pay maintenance and improvements on the trail. For all services booked through this website 5% will go to the Southland District Council at no cost to you. 

Thanks for being a friend of the Around The Mountains Cycle Trail.

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Around the Mountains Cycling